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About Us

Borrowing the legacy from each period and region, sarees are gleaming testimonies of the essence of Indian culture. With roots in craft and community, we at Kanchi Kamakshi Silks celebrate the ethnicity and brilliance of the weaves.

Our curation of hand-picked sarees is an endowment of handwoven transcendence. From Banaras to Kanchipuram, we bring in a diverse range of the finest drapes from across the country, that match steps with modern sensibilities.

Created with precision, it takes weeks of dedicated work and immense artisanship of our master weavers to craft a piece of six yards of elegance. Each saree at Kanchi Kamakshi Silks is a virtuosic work of art that evokes a smile that speaks a thousand words.

We welcome you to traverse our world of weaves and embrace centuries of India's textile heritage. Join us on this wonderful journey and take home delightful handloom sarees.